Plantafresh Chewing Drops

Our successful herbal breath freshener with no menthol: For lasting fresh breath and a safe, pleasant feeling in your mouth. Based on the natural, anti-odor effects of various natural herbs, these drops take effect immediately on dissolving , reliably combating bad breath.

For a reliable fresh breath

Plantafresh is menthol-free and free of artificial colorings and preservatives. The handy gumdrops are available in three fine flavors: Winter Green, Sugar-Free Winter Green, and Cardamom + Aniseed without added sugar.

Quality & Safety

  • proven, cosmetic breath freshener
  • based on natural, odor-inhibiting herbs
  • menthol-free
  • free of artificial colorants
  • free of preservatives
  • available in three flavors
  • in the handy, practical blister packaging