We offer great product differentiaion and variation.

Pit Verpackung

There truly is hardly any idea we can't supply you with: Your packaging wishes know no bounds at Pit – regarding shape, color or material. Along with designing and producing even the most unusual product and sample packages, we also handle bulk packaging for various client products.

Choose your individual packaging solution

  • Flow Pack
  • Various-size bags (as tube bags, three-side or four-side seal bags, W floor stand bag, Delta pack stand bag with and without zipper)

  • Sticks
  • available in two variants: 33 gram roll with twist seal and 44 gram roll with folded seal

  • Various-size tins with screw-top, flip-top or sealed membrane
  • Combined and metal tins with various diameters for powders/granulates

  • Dispensers (e.g. sweetener dispensers)

  • small tins
Stack Packaging
  • Rolls: round, flat 20 mm tablets, stacked

  • Bars: rectangular 9.5 x 15 mm tablets, stacked

Flip Top Boxes
  • Modern, resealable cardboard boxes

Folding Blister Packs or Blister Slip Cases
  • For various-size tablets and capsules
Tin Labeling
  • For all shapes and sizes of tins

Do you have special wishes?

Just ask us.
We are also happy to advise you on lithography and printing, as well as choosing suppliers.

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