Our engagement

Our Commitment

We take responsibility for our own...

Ouf staff likes working here. We're a well-organized, financially sound and socially conscious family operation.

Pit Engagement

For over 70 years, we have been producing, packaging and developing right here in Bavaria. And we intend to keep it that way. That's why an open and sincere relationship, and a reliable and consistent set of values our customers and employees agree with is the firm foundation of the company Pit.

We value...


We have a positive attitude and have fun at work.

Quality and Order

Our quality level reflects the demands of our partners, suppliers and customers, as well as the applicable laws, IFS regulations and all the other quailfication quidelines, which are the basis of our daily business.


Pit sees itself as a company that is rooted in tradition and has both feet firmly on the ground. We take socual responsibility for our employees, recognizes the responsibility we have to the nation and a society at large. We contribute to society through our excellent, safe and high-quality products. We pay all required taxes and tariffs at the local level.

Communication Skills

We value open partnerships and constructive engagement. We try to keep red tape at a minimum. Recognition, appreciation and honest constructive criticism are part and parcel of our daily work together.


Our business partnets, employees and customes can always rely on uns.

Environmental Awareness

We value protecting a liveable environment and a sustainable approach to the earth's resources.

...and we take responsibility for others:

We help people in need.

Our firm has donated to social projects for years, every year. We like to support small charities we know personally and whose work we are familiar with and confident in.



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