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Research and Development

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Your own label - in good hands!

Are you developing a product? Do you have a hot new idea? Come to us as your reliable and experienced implementation partner. From nutritional additives to functional food, dietary products or sweets – we're here to advise you comprehensively and introduce you to our choice experts in developing and manufacturing your personal product (private label).


Taste, look and ingredients - your product will bear your personal signature under our care.


...and research

In our own laboratory

Our R&D lab is constantly turning out new recipes you can use as the base for your product. Plus, our nutrition experts can create individual flavors on request. We guarantee absolute discretion. High-quality, controlled and well-tested ingredients and agents are available to you. We even handle the packaging you need.


We produce your product exactly to your specifications, always striving to offer you a very special product in terms of design, packaging and flavor.


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